Maxi­mi­lian Berger




About me

I love tinkering at projects from various fields of media. I design and develop websites, often with focus on inter­activity. I teach web-development and other related design subjects at the "bm - Berufs­akademie" and its' faculty "School of Games" in Cologne.
In my spare-time I try to step-up my game development skills and do other design related stuff like renderings, illustrations and conceptions.

Design is an undefined order of chaos

Game Projects


Over the turn of the year 2020-2021, a colleague and I worked on a small mini-game. The goal was to develop a solid prototype of a game, which is available on as many platforms as possible.
The result was "TileAble". An endless puzzle runner, in which you have to try to activate every "tile" within the field.

  • Puzzle-Runner
  • Browsergame
  • Casual

Viva La Riveration

During the Global Game Jam 2020, my team and I decided to continue working on the resulting project beyond the Jam.
In "Viva La Riveration" you bring life back to the desert with the help of a shovel. You have to think tactically which way to dig to get to the goal efficiently. In addition, some extras are planned such as upgrades for the shovel or the ability to carry more.

  • Adventure
  • Mobilegame
  • Casual

Other Projects